DBT Agriculture : Direct Benefit Transfer Agriculture Scheme for Farmers

DBT Agriculture : Direct Benefit Transfer Agriculture Scheme for Farmers

DBT Agriculture : The Government of India and the State Governments have introduced several schemes for the benefit and welfare of farmers. One such scheme is – DBT Agriculture.

This scheme has been launches by the central government to give direct benefits of all agricultural schemes to the farmers.

The DBT Agriculture Scheme of the Government of India for the welfare of farmers has now been implemented in all states of India.

All the state governments have implemented this scheme, supported and funded by the central government.

DBT Agriculture

The Direct Benefit Transfer Agriculture (DBT Agri) scheme was launched by the Government of India on 1 January 2013 for direct transfer of subsidy to farmers in their bank accounts. Which is seen as changing the already implemented subsidy system in India.

The DBT Agri Scheme provides direct benefits to the farmers, the main objective of the scheme is to transfer subsidies directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

DBT Agriculture

Various agricultural schemes launched by the Government of India for the benefit of farmers have been brought together on a platform by DBT Agriculture Yojana to solve the problems of farmers.

Farmers can avail all government agricultural schemes through direct benefit transfer.

In this post, we are going to tell you how farmers can avail all the benefits of agricultural schemes from direct benefit schemes.

How to register for DBT Agricultural subsidy

If you are a farmer and you want agricultural grant from DBT Agriculture Scheme, then for this you have to register on DBT Agriculture Portal.

Important documents for farmer registration

Let’s know, which documents are must for DBT Agri registration.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Farmer Bank Account Number (Aadhar Linked)
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Bank Account Passbook Photocopy
  • Farmer Photo (Passport Size)
  • Aadhar Linked Mobile Number

What is DBT Portal ?

All schemes related to DBT agriculture are regulated by the Department of Agriculture, whose main purpose is to send cash subsidy directly to the farmer’s account.

All information and details of farmers are collected through DBT Agri portal and registration of farmers is also done on this portal.

After registering on this website, you can avail any government scheme related to agriculture.

In this website, information about all the schemes of the state and central government related to the welfare of farmers is also given.

Click Here For More Detail About – DBT Portal Bihar

NOTE : The Government of Bihar operates the DBT portal. Only farmers of Bihar can avail agricultural subsidy schemes from this portal.

If you are a farmer of another state, then you have to use your state’s DBT portal to get agricultural subsidies. You can get information about your state’s DBT portal by clicking here.

Click Here : State Wise DBT Portal List

Information About DBT Agriculture Bihar

The Government of Bihar has launched the DBT Agriculture Portal to provide benefits of Direct Benefit Transfer Agriculture Scheme to farmers.

Through this web portal, farmers of Bihar can get benefit of DBT scheme.

Bihar Government’s Subsidy Schemes for Farmers

Let us know which subsidy the Bihar government gives to the farmers through this scheme.

  • PM Kisan Subsidy.
  • Agricultural Input Grant Subsidy.
  • Drought-prone Blocks Agricultural Input Subsidy.
  • Kharif Diesel Grant.
  • Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme Subsidy.


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